Team Development

Our work with teams includes team development, leadership development and action learning groups. 

A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.

What if that team is broken?

What if that team is showing the first signs of fractures?

What if that team is performing well already?

What if that team has deeper issues that aren't visible but could damage its performance? 

A team doesn’t need to be broken to benefit from team development. 

Our enabling approach draws upon a comprehensive range of tools, and extensive experience, to identify the real issues and resolve them. 

Our services include:

  • Psychometric profiling
  • Defining expectations
  • Constructive conflict handling
  • Feedback exchange
  • Empowering the team
  • Ownership and engagement
  • Cohesion  

Recent examples of the types of matters that we have provided diagnosis and development on include: 

A team performing well with sound interpersonal relationships: On the surface, you might think that this team was working at optimum levels and didn't need development. However, in this case, we worked with the team members to build on this solid platform to ensure this foundation was strong enough for them to step up and build higher performance and further success. Maintaining and raising the level of performance was the goal for this project. Rather than simply ‘icing the cake’ it was about ensuring that at every level, the team was equipped for future challenge and opportunity. 

A team operating at less than the required standard: The team was showing cracks and working interactions were less than effective. The relationships between team members were not complementary and were often competitive. With this team we worked together to refocus and build a solid, future focused community of colleagues, pulling together to achieve improved delivery and results. At a subsequent review with them team members volunteered how much happier at work they now were.

A team that had broken on multiple levels: This team had veered so far off track that we were called in to support an internal HR intervention. We worked with the manager and team to identify and surface the deep issues, to find out what was really happening. Piece by piece we worked through what was working, what needed attention, how they wanted it to be and their expectations of each other. Through this process of gap analysis we enabled them to define what the organisation needed to achieve and the working relationship required to deliver that. Appropriate tools and methods were employed in achieving this successful turnaround.